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List of Completed/In Progress Projects

Project Description Dollar Value Architect Completion Date
Bldg 23 CT Simulator Suite T.I. of existing CT Suite for new Philips Ambient Experience $953,000 Liebke & Associates In Progress
PET-CT Site Work New curbs, sidewalks, HC ramps and stairs $109,283 The Farnsworth Group 8/20/2008
Manchester Building IT Remodel Remodel basement for Information Technology offices $112,675 Alexander & Hibbs 5/29/2008
PET-CT Alteration and Addition PET-CT room and clinic areas remodel/new addition $1,139,494 The Farnsworth Group 6/18/2008
Linear Accelerator Cancer Center New State-of-the-Art Cancer Center Linear Accelerator $2,915,448 Liebke & Associates 2/21/2008
Emergency Department Renovations and Addition New addition and remodel to Emergency Entrance $1,996,548 Taylor and Associates 6/30/2006
Temporary Parking Lot Grading and Paving $128,722 WBSA 2/28/2005
Main Entrance of Medical Center Exterior Remodel $40,672 Huitt-Zollars 11/30/2005
Intra-Operative MRI Interior Remodel of Surgery Room $265,675 Caruana & Associates 2/28/2005
Utility Tunnel Structural Utility Tunnel Repair $238,302 Huitt-Zollars 6/30/2008
OTC Roof/Asphalt/Site Roofing, Parking, Ramps, Stairs $99,121 WBSA 5/13/2004
Senior Center Exterior Clinic Remodel Exterior $189,376 WBSA 8/30/2004
Nuclear Medicine Nuclear Medicine Remodel $73,898 Liebke & Associates 9/11/2004
Electrical Substation Trailers Sitework $99,470 WBSA 5/7/2004
South Campus Walkway Covered Walkway Addition $99,975 WBSA 4/30/2004
Fiber Optic Trench Fiber Optic Trench $78,247 WBSA 3/17/2004
Orthopedic Clinic Clinic Remodel $96,461 WBSA 4/1/2004
3rd Floor North Corridor Hospital Remodel $62,334 WBSA 1/15/2004
Burn Care Unit Intensive Care Remodel $1,264,421 WBSA 9/4/2003
Yamanouchi Teaching Lab Surgery Room Remodel $99,998 Taylor & Associates 8/6/2003
Health Science Research Lab $99,473 Taylor & Associates 7/22/2003
Plastics Suite Cosmetic Surgery Office Remodel $953,000 Taylor & Associates 6/15/2003
Gottschalk Plaza Drainage Upgrade $62,255 Huitt-Zollars 6/3/2003
Chemistry Lab Chemistry Lab Remodel $92,047 Design & Construction 5/30/2003
Family Health Clinic Urgent Care Remodel $34,830 Design & Construction 5/31/2003
R&F X-Ray X-Ray Room Remodel $188,055 The Farnsworth Group 9/5/2002
Implant Room Implant Room Remodel $92,415 WBSA 7/17/2002
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